Pete Buttigieg, who is currently the vice chair of the platform committee of the Trump campaign, has become a darling of Trump fans after launching a new campaign website to promote her book.

The website, which launched this week, offers a host of other topics, including a section devoted to pet owners and their pets.

One section features photos of Trump-branded pet toys, which Buttigigieg told The Huffington Post were “really cute” and “fun”.

“If you have a pet, you’re a really awesome person,” she said.

“And if you have children, you are a great person.

But she also said the website’s focus on pet owners was a “misunderstanding”.””

So, yeah, we do have some really cute toys in here,” Buttigeg said.

But she also said the website’s focus on pet owners was a “misunderstanding”.

“There’s no way that I’m advocating for animals,” she told HuffPost.

The website also contains a section on dog owners. “

There are no animals in my book.”

The website also contains a section on dog owners.

It says the dog owners who have been the most vocal in calling for more resources for pet parents are: “Pet owners who care about the welfare of their animals and want to make the best choices for their families.”

Pet owners are often “lucky” to live in areas that have not been affected by climate change, which has caused them to lose water, food and other resources.

“You are lucky to live a life where you have water and food and shelter,” Buttigs said.

Pet owners also want more resources to address climate change because the animals they care about most “lose everything”, and can’t get food and water.

“They’re at the mercy of the environment,” Butteg said, adding that it’s not surprising people feel frustrated with the situation.

“There are a lot of people that have to deal with it,” she added.

“A lot of times, they feel like they’re living on a shoestring.”

Buttigieg said that the Trump team did not provide her with a copy of their tax returns, and instead relied on their surrogates.

“They’re trying to do whatever they can to push people to look at what they’ve done and not do,” she explained.

“The reason they don’t have any information is because they don

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