This post was originally published on June 8, 2017.

Originally published on Google News here:How to build the perfect platform bed mattress and platform ladder using a simple, cheap and effective DIY project.

We all know that bed and platform mattresses are one of the most popular bedside items to use in our homes.

While they are perfect for sleepers and families, they are also great for a quick and easy project to get started.

They are perfect as a base for your own projects as well, as you can build a bed or platform with them, and then build the rest of your bed from there.

To start, we will use the platform bed to build this project.

This is a platform that you can easily attach to the side of a bed.

This makes it easy to attach a shelf or storage box to it.

This means you can attach the bed to your wall, for example, or to the wall of a room.

For the platform, you will need a 3D printer or 3D scanner to print the parts.

The parts will need to be in a large enough size to print, so you will also need to use the 3D scanners to cut the parts into the right size for the bed.

You will also want to make sure you don’t cut the bed too close to the bed, as this will cause the bed and its platform to break apart and fall apart.

For your bed, you’ll want to attach it to the end of the platform with a string, to hold it securely in place.

You can attach it by hanging it on the bed or the sides of a wall.

You also need some kind of glue to hold the platform in place when you want to move it around.

You can print your bed parts with the PLA filament you want, or with the ABS filament you would prefer.

You’ll also need the following parts:The platform is made of a few layers of ABS, a piece of plastic and a few pieces of plastic.

To attach the platform to the platform you will use a piece with the holes punched in it.

The holes in the platform should be about 2mm wide and 1mm deep.

You should use a large drill bit to drill out all of the holes in your platform.

Once you have drilled all of these holes, you need to glue the platform together.

The glue will help hold the sides together.

You need to have a small piece of glue in the middle of each hole, and a small plastic strip to hold each hole in place as you glue the two together.

To glue the platforms to the sides, you use the same method as you used to attach the platforms, but this time you need a piece to hold them together in a different way.

This piece is called a platform clamp, and it has holes that are 1mm apart.

You just glue the holes together by hand, and make sure to keep the platform and clamp in the correct orientation.

The platform clamp has a plastic piece attached to it that will be the base for the platform.

This plastic piece should be at least 2mm thick, but it doesn’t have to be that thick.

You might use a thin strip of plastic to make it longer.

You could also use a glue gun to make the platform more sturdy.

To attach the two pieces of the clamp to each other, you cut out the hole in the plastic, and glue it to one of your platform pieces.

You attach the clamp back to the piece of the plastic that holds the platform piece, and the platform clamp itself is attached to the other piece of your plastic.

You make sure that the platform has a hole in it, and you attach the plastic strip that holds it.

Now you can start attaching your platform to your bed.

We will use this piece of bed to hold our platform, as well as to hold a shelf for storage.

You want to glue this piece to the top of the bed with the glue that you used on the platform as well.

Once you glue all of your platforms together, attach the shelf to the base of the platforms.

To glue the shelves together, you glue a piece that is 2mm in diameter to the back of the shelves.

You use a nail file or some other file to attach this piece, so that it doesn.t fray.

The nail file will help glue the pieces together, as will the glue gun.

This should also hold them in place while you attach them.

You attach the shelves to the platforms using the platform glue, and attach the mattress to the shelf.

You have now got your platform bed.

If you don.t have access to a 3d printer or scanner, you can use the Makerbot Replicator 2, Makerbot RepRap, MakerBot Replicator X or Makerbot CNC router.

You won’t need any fancy tools or a 3 dimensional printer, so this will be easy for you.

You don’t have access or experience with building this, but if you

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