By Chris MatyszczykPublished Mar 15, 2016 11:40:52Apple is finally rolling out iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads, the latest iteration of its mobile operating system.

It comes with a number of tweaks and fixes that can be applied to any device running iOS 11, but it’s important to understand that this is an experimental release, meaning it doesn’t come with all the features we expect.

Here are the main highlights.

Here’s what’s new in iOS11:iOS 11 introduces a new feature called Quick Look , which lets you preview photos and videos in a single swipe to quickly jump to them.

That means you can open a document on your iPhone or iPad with just one tap.

Quick Look has been a key feature of iOS for a while now, and it’s still available to developers who work on iPhone or Mac apps.

The only limitation is that you can’t swipe to the right to open Quick Look in the context menu.

Here are the changes that are available to you now:You can now add multiple photos to a group.

This lets you add up to 100 photos from a group to a single page.

This feature is available in the Photos app, which you can tap and hold on any photo to quickly add it to your group.

You can create a group photo album with the built-in Photos app.

You can also create group albums with a group of photos or with a photo library of images from other sources, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Pinterest.

You have to sign in with a Facebook account, so you’ll need to enable it before you can add photos to your album.

You’re able to share your group photos from the Photos App directly to Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

This is a feature that was available in iOS 9 and earlier.

The Settings app now has a new option to quickly open and close an app in landscape mode.

This feature is the most important to me.

When I’m on my phone, I usually use the app to read, compose, and email messages, but now I can just quickly access and close my contacts, email, and calendar apps while keeping them in landscape.

The new option opens a panel on the Settings app that lets you quickly close any app that you’re using, or a portion of a menu that lets’s you choose whether to automatically close all your apps.

You now have the ability to create custom notification sounds and themes in the Settings application.

When you’re in the app, you can now create and share your own custom notification sound, and a bunch of other themes.

If you want to use a theme, you’ll have to share it to the app’s developers.

You also have the option to create your own theme in Settings.

If your phone already has an existing theme, it will automatically create an alternative one.

You’ve got the ability now to open and share the status bar in Notification Center from anywhere.

This has been available in Notification Centre since iOS 8.

It lets you open a new app from the Notification Center and then move your finger to the bottom of the screen to access settings.

The settings app is also easier to access in portrait mode, thanks to the redesigned navigation bar.

When your finger is on the right edge of the app or the home screen, you now have an option to navigate to the settings screen or open the Settings menu.

It’s also easier than ever to dismiss the app.

The camera app has also got a couple of new features.

You now have a quick and easy way to open up your photos in the camera app.

It opens with a tap and lets you take a photo directly from the app without needing to launch the camera, which is a huge improvement over the previous camera app where you had to first launch it.

You’re also able to easily dismiss the camera if you don’t need it, which I really like.

In the Photos section of the Settings, you also have a new quick and convenient way to take a picture from your camera roll.

You’ve got a new shortcut in the settings app called Snap, which lets us take a snap with just a few taps of the finger.

You get the new Notification Center settings app.

This app has a whole new look and feels that’s completely different from iOS 9.

It also has a completely redesigned design that’s much more modern than iOS 9’s.

If you use your iPhone as your primary phone, you should definitely check out iOS11.

You’ll probably want to tweak or remove some of the more common tweaks from iOS 11.

You may also want to try the new Messages app.

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