When I got my feet caught on the platform, I immediately thought about my mother.

She was on her way to the gym and my feet were still wrapped up in the platform.

She looked at me and I said, “Mom, don’t you worry about it.”

And she said, ‘Oh, you got your feet on the floor and you can walk back to the locker room.’

“My mom got a call from a friend, who was in the office and wanted to know if I could do a quick run.

And she was like, “You can’t do it.”

My mom is like, ‘I can’t.

It’s too dangerous.’

I’m like, “‘Mom, this is a place where you don’t go.'”

I said, “‘You got your shoes on, mom, and you’re going to run with your feet right here.’

She’s like, [stops]?!

That’s crazy!

I can’t even walk!

So she’s like [starts to walk].

I get up and she’s standing right there.

I don’t even know where my feet are.

“Then I heard from a trainer, and she said that she was going to try to get me to run.

She said, “[If you have] feet on your floor, this isn’t going to work.”

I went to the office the next day, but then I went back to my gym.

I was in a lot of pain.

My mom called me back to get my feet on.

She’s standing there with her shoes on.

I’m running with my feet.

She goes, ‘You have to run.’

I go, ‘What?!’

She’s just like, I’m going to get out of here.’

So I left there and started running.

I ran the entire way through the gym, which is about 50 miles of running, and I was actually just running around in circles, and all I could hear was my mom screaming.

I’m a huge Ugg fan, and when I heard the news of my mom’s death, I thought, ‘Wow.

That was a huge thing.’

It’s really heartbreaking to hear that my mom didn’t make it out alive.

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