The new Tampines arena in Perth will be home to the NRL grand final in 2018, but it will also host two other events. 

The ABC understands the Perth Raiders have signed a two-year deal to host an NRL Grand Final on the night of the game, and a regional rugby league competition is also set to play a part.

The Raiders and the Warriors are both expected to sign contracts for the grand final on the evening of the AFL Grand Final.

Tampines Raiders chief executive Rob O’Sullivan told the ABC’s The Drum on Wednesday morning that the NRL Grand final was a “perfect fit” for the venue.

“I’m delighted that the Raiders are the first in the country to commit to a grand final,” he said.

A statement from the Raiders said they were in talks with NRL officials and that the grand finale would be held at the venue in Perth.””

The stadium will also provide a tremendous venue for our local community and a great venue for regional rugby leagues.”

A statement from the Raiders said they were in talks with NRL officials and that the grand finale would be held at the venue in Perth.

“We’re excited to have the Raiders as our venue of choice,” Raiders CEO Rob Olliffe said.

The Raiders also announced they had secured the right to host a regional Rugby League competition. 

“We are delighted to announce that the regional rugby union competition has been granted a two year lease for a regional event in Perth,” the statement said.

“The Raiders are thrilled to be the inaugural partner of the new stadium and are confident that the event will provide a great platform for local players and fans alike to enjoy.”

The Raiders have also announced the construction of a new media centre, the development of a high-speed internet connection, and the acquisition of a 100-seat football stadium in the south-west of the city. 

Ahead of the NRL’s grand final, a new “Big Blue” will play host to the AFL grand final.

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