A prominent author of the hit book “Hustlers” has said he is not the owner of the controversial online platform, but he will lead efforts to promote the book to bookstores, and is willing to help promote the technology as well.

Michael Smith, author of “HUSTLER,” will take part in a series of talks at bookstores and other venues to promote “HST: The Hardest-Hitting Tax on Ownership,” which has been dubbed the “HOST book” by critics.

He said he would also host a podcast to highlight the book’s economic effects.

Smith has been the co-author of the book with the publisher Simon & Schuster, and the New York Times.

He has been an outspoken critic of the Airbnb and Uber companies, which allow users to rent out their homes to other travelers, and have sought to ban or severely restrict the use of the services in states including California, New York, Ohio and Florida.

Smith said the book is about Airbnb and how it has destroyed the country’s housing stock, and that Airbnb should be regulated like any other business.

But he said the company should be treated like any company, including a hotel.

“The book is not about Airbnb.

It’s about the real estate industry,” Smith said.

“Hostlers is a great book.

But the real story is the one about how the real economy has been destroyed by the tech industry.”

In a statement released Monday, Airbnb said it is committed to working with Smith, who has a long history of speaking out on issues affecting the housing industry.

Smith is not alone in calling for Airbnb to be regulated the same way hotels and other companies are.

A handful of major cities, including Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, have proposed measures to regulate the company, while others have adopted laws to protect consumers from online fraud.

A number of states, including California and New York have passed legislation to ban online platforms like Airbnb, including the San Francisco ordinance.

A few states, like Maryland, have banned the use or rental of Airbnb in some circumstances.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who recently said Airbnb was a “scam,” called on lawmakers to consider legislation that would ban online companies that use deceptive practices to profit from a system that hurts people.

The California Senate approved an Airbnb-specific bill in February.

California has also banned short-term rentals, which are rented out in short periods of time.

The company has also taken legal action against the San Diego Convention Center, claiming that it illegally blocked the hotel from operating as a hotel and imposing additional restrictions.

The company has sued the city over the issue.

California Assemblywoman Rose Herrera Beutler, a Democrat who represents the district in which the convention center is located, said the convention is a major business for the state and has been since the 1990s.

“It’s not about technology.

It has nothing to do with technology.

They are a company that’s in the business of making money, not creating jobs,” Beutlers spokesman Scott Litzinger said.”

What is so frustrating is they’ve created the perception that we’re anti-family,” he said, referring to Airbnb and other platforms.

“They’ve created this perception that it’s not a welcoming environment for families.”

The hotel industry is a highly profitable business, according to the Association of National Advertisers.

The National Association of Realtors, which represents the hospitality industry, has estimated that Airbnb would have about $400 million in annual revenue if it were a real estate investment trust.

But Smith said that he has no plans to create the trust, which he said is not intended to be a company.

“I would not be doing this if I were an investor in Airbnb,” Smith told Fox News.

“I have no intention of investing in this company.

It is a scam.

It does not help the economy.”

Smith, who is in the midst of a book tour, said he has been speaking out against the platform and its use of short-selling techniques and deceptive advertising to drive down the value of the home rentals it sells.

“You have these online companies with millions of dollars in sales that have created a lot of hype and this is their tool for the purpose,” Smith wrote in an email to Fox News, referring specifically to short selling.

“If you want to create a platform, you need to be able to put money into it, which is why Airbnb is the perfect vehicle for creating this illusion of liquidity.”

Smith said he did not want to talk about how he would promote the platform.

“As a business owner I can speak about it, but I’m not the one making the decision,” he wrote.

“So my advice to Airbnb is to go out there and sell your product.

It will be hard, but it’s the only way to save the economy, and it’s what the real-estate industry needs right now.”

A recent article in Forbes, which cited the company

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