FINANCIAL SERVICES The Federal Reserve will begin releasing its quarterly monetary policy report Thursday, but the latest edition is expected to include a large number of numbers that will not be in the most recent report.

The Fed will release its annual economic report this week, and the latest report will include a significant number of the numbers in its latest edition.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen said Thursday that it will be the first report since the financial crisis that does not include the latest data on consumer spending.

The latest report is expected at 2 p.m.

EST on Friday.

The Federal Reserve has not released a new report since February 2014.

The Fed released the report on Thursday with a report card of the U.S. economy that will be released in December.

The report will be a huge change from the last report in late December, when the central bank cut its key interest rate to 0.25 percent from its current 0.5 percent.

The last report included the results of the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of consumer spending since the Great Recession.

The report said consumer spending has increased in recent months but is still far below the level of the early 2000s, when a surge in consumer spending was the dominant force behind the economic recovery.

The central bank is expected in its report to highlight that it is making adjustments to the way it measures spending, including its estimate of economic growth, and it is continuing to consider the impact of its actions on unemployment and the cost of health care.

The Fed will also release more detailed guidance on the economy, such as its projections for the number of new jobs it will create by the end of the year.

The new report will focus on a number of key economic issues, including the economy’s long-term outlook, the economy as a whole, the labor market, inflation and interest rates.

The U.N. economic body will release a report on its economic progress in early January, and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron will be in New York for the World Economic Forum in May.

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