The King’s Platform bed for bicycles is ready to be delivered to King’s customers.

The beds, which were designed to accommodate up to 200 bikes, will go on sale in the UK on October 29.

“We’re pleased to be able to launch the beds, as they are a great option for users and retailers who wish to meet the demand for bicycles in the capital,” said Mark Williams, King’s product manager for Europe and the Americas.

“The beds offer a unique solution that is designed to be modular, enabling users to tailor their design for the specific needs of their customers.”

King’s Platform has two other beds on its shelves.

“In addition to the King’s Bed for Bikes, we have a wide range of bikes available for our platform, including King’s Classic, Classic Bikes and King’s Elite, which we are launching with the King and King Bed for Cyclists in October,” said Williams.

King’s Bikes has launched a bike bed called the King Bed, which is a multi-function bike rack.

The King Bed features two sets of wheels, a rack and a handlebar.

“It is a great addition to our King Bed platform for people to store and move their bikes from one spot to another,” said Paul Sainsbury, King Bed Product Manager.

King has launched King’s Ride and King Ride Plus beds, both of which have a range of different configurations for different riders.

“King’s Ride beds are designed to work with a range to suit different riding styles, and also offer a range from single or double-sided bikes,” said Sainsburys co-founder Paul Jaffe.

The company has also launched a King Bed Bikes.

“This is the first time we’ve launched King Bikes,” said Jaffe, adding that the beds will be available for sale in select King stores starting in the autumn.

King Bed beds are available in the following models: King Bed Plus – 600g (200cm)

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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