You can use an app called Netflix to delete your Netflix account, but that’s not always possible.

There’s a new app called BitTorrent that does it for you.

In fact, it’s free.

It’s called BitDoor and it lets you quickly delete a single app, or any file, on a computer, Mac or Android device.

To install it, just download it here.

When you open it, you can quickly delete an entire folder or all the files in a folder.

Once it’s installed, you have to select which folder or files to delete.

There are a few options you can choose from, including a folder called “all,” or “all files.”

Once you select a folder, you’re presented with a list of all files and folders in the folder, with the option to delete one or all of them.

To delete the entire folder, simply drag it off the list and then delete it from your computer.

To do so, just click on the delete icon next to the folder name.

If you want to delete a particular file, just select that file and then click on “Delete file” at the bottom of the screen.

If your file isn’t on the list, you will have to drag it into the folder to delete it.

If it’s a file that’s important to you, like your Netflix username, you’ll need to drag that file off the file list and select it to delete from your phone or tablet.

The BitTorrent app also lets you easily delete the content of the selected folder or file.

When the deletion is complete, you get a notification that you can then delete the file or folder.

You can also delete files and folder in the browser by tapping on them.

BitTorrent works in Firefox and Safari browsers, so you can also use it on iOS and Android devices, too.

If there’s a way you can’t access your Netflix files from a computer or device, BitTorrent will let you do it with a web browser.

This is the best method for removing Netflix from the desktop.

It doesn’t require you to install an app on your computer, and it doesn’t use a third-party app store.

You just need to open BitTorrent from a browser.

You will have the option of selecting the folder you want BitTorrent to delete, or you can pick a file or file type to delete by clicking on the Delete button.

This will remove all files from the folder or directory.

You don’t have to delete all files, but it is important to keep the files you choose to keep.

If all the content you want is gone, you won’t be able to access your files from Netflix from your desktop.

There is one drawback with this method: BitTorrent doesn’t have an option to show your deleted files on the website.

That means it won’t delete your files and the website won’t let you download or install new files from your server.

It is worth noting, though, that if you delete all the videos, your desktop or Mac will automatically reopen with a clean slate.

You won’t have the files again.

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