On Friday, Puma CEO and co-founder, Paul Wiedenheft, was at the opening of Puma’s new store in New York City’s Union Square.

The store is a first for Puma, a clothing company that Wiedensheft founded in 2014.

Wiedenhof told CBS News that the new store is about to open for the public.

The company plans to have the store open as soon as it gets its permits.

“We will have the first one open by the end of the week,” Wiedeneft said.

“We’re going to open with one of the first ones open by August, so that’s the date we’re expecting.”

The store will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Wiedenberg said there will be some limited merchandise.

WIEDENHEFT: ‘We’re ready for the day that we’re a global brand’The store is just the latest Puma to open its doors to the public this year.

The brand’s first store opened in Chicago on January 10.

Last week, Piedmont was the first Puma store to open in the U.K. The retailer’s stores have been widely praised for the quality of their fabrics and design.

But Piedmont has also struggled with inventory and a lack of customer demand.

Last week, the company announced a partnership with Nike, which was meant to bring more Puma customers to the store.

But that deal has not been enough to offset the company’s losses in recent months.

Piedmont has struggled to compete in the marketplace with a slew of well-known brands, including Puma and Nike.

Its biggest competitor, Nike, has a store near Piedonts headquarters in New Jersey and the brand’s latest shoe line, “Puma” has already launched in Germany and Sweden.

In February, P&M reported a third-quarter loss that was the largest in P&amps history, according to Bloomberg News.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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