Sport is a very diverse industry and it is difficult to quantify the value that is being added by all the different companies and individuals that are working in the space.

However, I have compiled the five most important sports investment vehicles for 2018 and will be updating this article throughout the month of October to keep track of the market’s most significant sports-related companies.

The top five sports investment companies in 2018 are:Adidas – $25.3bn Adidas will be the latest company to take a major leap forward with its new global flagship sports clothing brand, with the company’s US-based flagship brand Adidas Originals launching in September.

The move is a direct reaction to the recent US election and its subsequent backlash against President Donald Trump, with Adidas Origins brand and ad campaign featuring President Trump in support of his election campaign.

Adidas Originations brand has a strong presence in the US and Europe with a number of ad campaigns in both the US market and overseas.

It has also become one of the biggest sports sponsors in the world.

Adidas is owned by US- based sportswear company Unilever, whose brand was the inspiration for the iconic Nike Air Jordan shoe.

Unileve also owns Adidas Origios shoe brand, the UK-based Adidas Origian brand and a number a European sports brands.

Unicef, one of Unilev’s brands, has an established global footprint and is one of its most popular partners in the UK.

In addition, the brand is also a sponsor of the World Cup and has sponsored many other sporting events including the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Cup finals.

Uniles brand has recently taken on a global strategic partnership with Adidas, which will see it expand into more sports.

The brand’s current partnership with Unileves has seen it produce sports apparel for the brand, including a range of trainers.

Adidas also owns a number sports clothing brands in the United States including the NFL’s Houston Texans, the MLB’s Oakland Athletics and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.

Unipublic – $20.5bn The third-largest sports retailer in the U.S., Unipriest is a joint venture between Adidas and Nike.

The two companies announced a new partnership in 2018 and the deal will see Uniprivate sell Nike’s iconic Nike shoes to Uniporn.

The new deal comes after Unipris will launch a range in 2018 with the slogan ‘The Future is Nike’.

The new partnership will see Nike provide footwear and apparel to Unipev’s stores in both cities.

Unipevy also owns the sports clothing chain Nike Sportswear.

The company’s stores carry Nike footwear and other athletic gear, as well as other brands like Reebok, Nike Fuel and others.

Nike’s sports apparel is currently sold in more than 1,200 retail locations in the USA and Canada, with an additional 350 locations planned for the next two years.

Unisoft – $18.4bn The largest sportswearing company in the European Union, Unisoft has recently expanded its footprint in Europe, with a new deal to sell Nike footwear.

In August, Uniports shoes brand announced a partnership with Nike.

Univision – $15.4 billion Univisions is the largest sports network in Latin America, with more than 5.5 million subscribers in more that 40 countries and territories.

The network is owned and operated by Univision de España, which is one half of Univision Communications, and it has an overall investment of around $50bn.

Univision has been a strong sports broadcaster and broadcaster of Spanish-language sporting events, as it hosts the Copa América Centenario, the Copacabana Cup and the World Series of Boxing.

Univison is currently in the process of developing an English-language version of the Copas Aventura, which it will debut in 2018.

The Spanish-speaking world is home to more than 50 million subscribers to Univision, and the network’s network reach is more than 90 million people across more than 60 countries.

It is one the world’s most popular Spanish- language sports networks, with nearly 70 million households subscribing to the network.

The channel also broadcasts La Liga, Liga MX and Copa del Rey, and has produced some of the most notable soccer tournaments in the history of the sport.

The Univision brand also has the rights to the Copemps Aventuras, Copa Libertadores and Copas America Centros.

The brands La Liga and Liga MX are owned by the clubs and leagues.

The Copa America Centro, the top soccer tournament in Latin American and the Caribbean, is a global sporting event that attracts more than 35 million viewers from more than 80 countries and is broadcast on a range, including Univision’s network.

In 2018, Univision announced a global expansion plan with the announcement of a $100m investment in its cable network, which Univision said would include a new regional and international television channel.

The deal is the first step in the Univ

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