By Ryan SittonThe burning platform is an article of clothing, footwear, or apparel designed for use in burning.

This category encompasses everything from footwear to clothing for indoor fires.

It is also a category that is not entirely exclusive to burning platform brands, as brands can be found in other categories, like outdoor gear.

The burning platforms are often made from a material that can burn through many different types of materials, including synthetic leathers, leathers made from wood, cotton, or rubber, and fabrics that are made from natural fibers.

These are all different types and materials that can be combined to create different burning platforms.

A platform that is made from leather, for example, can be designed to burn a variety of materials.

The material of choice for burning platforms is a material called a burnable thermoplastic, which is used to form a fire in the first place.

This material can be heated up in the oven, and then it will burn, releasing oxygen to the surrounding area.

These materials are often known as burnable nylon, nylon polyurethane, or nylon polyester, depending on what type of burning platform it is.

Burnable nylon is used in most burnable platforms that use a nylon or synthetic leather.

These nylon or nylon materials can be either synthetics, or they can be wood fibers.

In some cases, the materials can even be made from polyester and nylon.

The burnable materials can also be made of a material like a synthetic leather or synthetic material.

In terms of burnable material, a lot of companies use natural materials.

For example, the Nubuck is an old style leather that is used on many platform brands that are burnable.

Nubucks are a type of leather that are often used in footwear, but also can be used in clothing, or even a number of other products.

Nubs are also made of cotton, and they can burn easily, so they are a great option for burning platform materials.

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