Chunky platform shoes are now available online for the first time in decades.

In a post on the Chunky App Store, the Irish footwear brand Chunky announced that it had launched a new version of its Chunky Platform Boot, the first to feature the new 3D printing technology.

“The first iteration of our Chunky Boot is now available for purchase in the App Store,” the company wrote.

“We are excited to share that the first production run of the Chunked Boot is in the wild and we are already making chunky, boot-ready prototypes.”

The Chunky app, which is free to download, is one of the most popular online footwear stores, and is home to over 60 million downloads per month.

The Chunk is a boot with three different versions: a single piece, a pair, and a bootie.

Chunky has previously introduced two versions of its popular boot – the Classic and the Classic+ – but it was only in 2017 that they were rebranded.

In the post, the company said that it was now looking to bring the brand’s Chunky to the wider world, and said that the boots were still being made.

“With a dedicated Chunky team in Belfast and with the support of our international partners, we’re excited to finally be bringing our first production-ready Chunky Boots to market,” the post read.

“For now, we are looking to the UK, but in the coming months we plan to launch in other markets.”

In a tweet on Monday, Chunky said it had made “more than 5,000” prototypes and would be releasing more in 2018.

The company did not disclose how much money it had raised, but it said it was aiming for a total of £10 million to cover its initial investment.

In addition to its Chunk line, Chunk has launched its Chunks+ line of footwear, which includes boots made for women and children.

Chunk’s new boots will be made in the UK using a new manufacturing method called 3D-printing, which allows for a higher precision than traditional 3D manufacturing.

“3D printing has the potential to make shoes in a way that has never been possible before,” the Chunks blog read.

“[It] allows us to produce a pair of shoes at a fraction of the cost of traditional 3DPrinting, and we’re also building up our team to take the Chunker line to the next level.”

“It’s the future.”

Chunky also released a video highlighting the benefits of 3D printed footwear.

“It may not look like much, but a single footprint is just a few millimetres across,” the video said.

“You don’t need to take any of your clothes out of your bag or pocket to print your feet.”

Chunks is already the biggest UK brand of 3DP printed footwear, with over 30,000 people using the service every month. “

As the number of people who use the Chummers and Chunks increases, we’ll have more and more people asking for this service.”

Chunks is already the biggest UK brand of 3DP printed footwear, with over 30,000 people using the service every month.

According to Chunky, over £1.6 billion in footwear sales have been made using the platform.

In 2018, Chunks made over 5,200,000 feet of footwear.

Chunks said that its shoes were made in two distinct phases of production: “In the first phase, we start with the manufacturing process, which uses traditional 3DT print.

Then we apply a new 3DT printing process that enables us to print shoes at an unprecedented rate of speed, while also reducing the size of the shoe,” it said.

Chunchies Chunky boots are now made in a different manufacturing method, but the company is still looking to release them in the future.

“Our first batch of shoes will be ready to ship in 2018,” the blog read, “and we are planning to build our supply chain to make this a reality.”

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