Platform Flip Flops: A unique new design platform for kids platform, the first in the category, is launching in Australia this month.

It’s called Chunky Platforms and it’s available to parents who want to help their children get on their feet without having to worry about buying a new pair of shoes.

The platform, which is set to launch on March 15, features a set of basic tools to make their own platform-friendly shoes.

Read more”You can build it out of cardboard and then attach the platform to a pair of socks,” said Chunky CEO and founder Josh Mascarenhas.

“You get an app to send the shoe to the shoes store, which will send you a receipt that you can print.”

Chunky Platform’s basic platform is easy to use and offers a basic set of tools to help you make your own platform shoes, including a simple app to design and upload a platform image.

“The app will let you upload a screenshot of the shoe that you would like to create and upload it to the platform,” Mr Mascarelis said.

“The shoe will then have a design made by the app and you can then add your own graphics or textures.”

This platform is great for kids, and is ideal for parents to give their kids a platform to use without spending an enormous amount of money.

“For a basic platform, you can design a platform like this, with a photo of the foot and a description of how you would use it: “Make your own custom platform with your own logo and logo font.

“Chunks platform also features a range of accessories for kids to choose from, including an extra pair of feet, a pair (with an extra foot), a set for the child to wear on their head, a set to help them hold a platform, and more.

Chunky is available for pre-order now on the platform’s website, and will go on sale to parents in early April.

You can read more about Chunky here.

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