Apple’s new Twitter account for “boycott Apple” has been flooded with complaints about the company’s policies, including its lack of support for LGBT people and transgender people.

The hashtag #boycottapple has since been used by users of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, to voice their dissatisfaction with the Apple CEO.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also been criticized for not being forthcoming about the issues facing the company, and for not doing enough to address racism and other social injustice in the workplace.

In a post Tuesday, Apple said that the account was created by users for users.

“We’ve taken the initiative to get to know each other better, so that we can share our own experiences and perspectives,” it said.

Apple said the account is a “first-of-its-kind initiative to connect people who care about Apple’s diversity and inclusion efforts and support each other in our efforts to create a more inclusive workplace for all.”

It said the new account will provide “leadership and advice” on how to better represent Apple in social media.

“This is an effort to engage more deeply with our community on topics of equality, diversity and inclusivity, and to give each other constructive feedback and suggestions on how we can best improve our diversity and diversity programs,” the company said.

In addition to #boycotapple, Apple has also received some criticism for its support for transgender people in the workforce, including in an op-ed published in the New York Times on June 5.

The piece, written by Caitlyn Jenner, was co-authored by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Jenner wrote, “It is a sad fact of our time that so many of our male colleagues are not willing to acknowledge the discrimination and harassment trans women have experienced in the past and have done nothing to stop it.

The only reason we’ve been able to keep a lid on this is because we have an understanding of how to get through to our male coworkers, so they won’t feel like we are not here for them.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2011.

AP/Getty ImagesApple’s Twitter account also tweeted Tuesday that it would be removing the “naked and undignified” tweets that have been posted on its account, which includes posts about transgender people and transphobic remarks.

The company said it was removing those tweets after the hashtag #BoycotApple gained traction on Twitter, and that it was making an effort not to repeat the behavior of other companies.

The company has been under fire from the LGBTQ community since the June 5 New York Post article, which included an interview with former CEO Tim Lynch.

Lynch said that his daughter had to endure harassment at Apple, and he had recently left the company.

Lynch also said that Apple had “a long history of not supporting our employees.”

Lynch also said he left Apple because he was “distracted” by the company culture.

Lynch did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

Apple has also faced backlash over its support of the LGBT community in the wake of a spate of violent acts by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11.

In response, Apple tweeted that it “will not tolerate hate and violence” and promised to provide “strong and inclusive” support for the LGBTQ and Black communities.

Apple also faced criticism after its Twitter account tweeted Tuesday about “the latest attacks on the LGBT and Black community.”

Apple did not respond to ABC News’ request for additional comment.

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