The “The Walking” author is taking a break from his role as the executive producer and showrunner on “The Originals” and “The Mindy Project” to discuss how his new show “The Unaware” will make people think again about their attitudes toward race, violence and racism.

In the new episode of “The Walk” titled “Fantastic Minds,” Alpert sits down with EW to talk about how his show will tackle these topics, including what he learned from watching the show that was critically acclaimed but ultimately a ratings disaster.

In this exclusive interview, Alpert discusses how the show is a meditation on race in America and how “The Uncanny” series on Netflix and Hulu is an opportunity for viewers to examine how our cultural norms are shaped.

“I am really looking forward to it,” Alprad said of the Netflix series.

“It’s a huge, huge step forward for people to see what I do.

I was really inspired by the way the show played out on the show.

I wanted to create something that was like a documentary, but in a way that was much more nuanced and thought-provoking than that.

I think that’s what it was all about for me.

And it’s not about just making a show, but a meditation in a really, really thoughtful way on how we view our world, on the role that racism and racism can play in our lives and in the world around us.”

Alpert, who is currently shooting “Fancy,” a new Netflix series about a wealthy young man and his love of the theater, said he is especially interested in exploring how his work and life intersect.

“We were really inspired to write a show about two people that love art, that love the arts and that are not necessarily on the same wavelength,” he said.

“That’s the kind of thing that I was trying to bring to life.

So that’s something that’s been kind of on my mind, is how do we see ourselves in this society, how do our families and our communities interact with each other and how can we be more conscious of what the world looks like in a different light?”

While the story of The Unaware centers on a young man named Ryan, who works at a prestigious New York City arts center, Alprads exploration of race and race relations was one of the major topics of discussion in the show’s first season.

Alpert said he learned a lot about racism in his time on “the show.”

“The first season was really a really important time for me, because I was in the middle of a race war in the country.

I’m the first black guy who’s been in the center of it,” he recalled.

“So I think the first season of ‘The Unawareness’ is really an important place to start.

We’re talking about racism and how we have to be able to move forward.

So I think it’s really important to look at our world and say how do you look at your world and how do I see my world?

How do we look at each other as a whole?

That’s something I really wanted to address with the first seasons of the show, to really be able, as an actor, to say, ‘You know what?

You can’t just look at me and not say something about race or the way we treat each other.'”

He continued, “The show was really an opportunity to really look at racism in America, because a lot of what we see on the news is not what we want to see, because the news world has been normalized and normalized and we have normalized ourselves.

And so I think for me to be a part of the conversation is really exciting.”

While “The Undoing Project” stars Elisabeth Moss, who plays a former New York mayor who was forced out of office after being caught with child pornography, AlPrads said he has been fascinated by her work for a while.

“She is really interesting because she’s not just a very talented actor, but she’s also a really good writer and she’s an incredibly smart person, which is really nice,” AlPrad said.

Moss is also the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union and is a longtime advocate for women’s rights and civil rights.

In her role on “Unaware,” she will take on a new role: helping the group create an interactive map to bring people together to address issues such as police brutality, housing discrimination and sexual harassment.

“The Unconscious” premieres on Netflix on April 12.

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