By now you’ve probably heard of Rust and it’s a dynamic, multi-threaded, cross-platform programming language.

But what about its platform-specific language?

What if you’re just starting out?

We’ll walk through the process of creating a platform that’s more or less the same as a native platform.

There’s plenty of documentation out there on how to do this, and there are many tutorials out there, but here’s a quick run-down.

First things first: how to build Rust from source The first thing you need to do is grab a copy of Rust.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll assume you’re using the official release and don’t have a build system of your own.

We’re going to use Rust from a git repository called rust-src.

Rust is a dynamically linked binary, so it’s also available in several different versions.

You can grab rust-build from the GitHub repo here or the Rust wiki here.

Rust’s binary is a cross-compiled version of the language, meaning that you can use it with any compiler you like.

That means that if you compile Rust yourself and then run a program, you’ll get the same runtime that you’d get from a compiled binary.

So, let’s say we’re building a platform for Minecraft, which we’re going the build of our platform.

Rust can be compiled to a binary called src/ src/Server is an assembly of a few Rust functions.

For this, we’re using one of the Rust compiler’s “features”: static typing.

Rust allows us to pass in a type argument to a function and then pass that type argument as a value to the function.

For example, let us say we have a function foo that takes a number and returns it as an integer: let f = 4 ; let num = f ( 3 ); foo (num); We can use this to write a function like this: let foo ( num ) = f (); foo ( 5 ); This will produce the following output: foo ( 4 ); This is a standard function call, and we can easily pass in the argument to it like so: foo ([ 4 , 5 , 6 ], [ 4 , 6 ]) Here, we use the type “int” in the function definition and pass it in the value 5.

Since we’re passing in 5 as an argument, Rust will compile it to a string and then emit the result as a string: let int ( f ) = 4.5 ; println !

( “{:?}”

, int ( int ( 5 ))) This prints: “{:1}” 5

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