Today we take a look at the top 20 cross-Platform developers working on mobile games.

With over 500 million registered users on iOS and Android, it’s not surprising that mobile gaming is now one of the fastest growing markets for developers.

The rise of mobile gaming has also seen cross-play between console and PC become increasingly prevalent, with a number of major publishers now making mobile games available on PC platforms.

The big cross-console games, however, have always been the mobile games, which have been the most successful.

This is reflected in the top 25 list, which has been compiled based on our analysis of the top developers working across the different platforms.

This year, mobile gaming grew by more than 1,000% compared to last year, with more than half of the developers working for mobile publishers.

The top 20 developers working in mobile games have a total of over 1,600,000 registered users across all platforms, with nearly half of these developers working from the United States.

Here’s how the top players are working with mobile gaming on PC: iOS and OS X : 14 of the 20 mobile developers working with iOS and MacOSX platforms are mobile publishers, with one being the UK-based company Unity. 

The iOS and Windows versions of Unity are a big draw for the developer, with over 10 million registered iOS and 1.8 million registered Windows users.

The Mac version is also well-known for its strong cross-app and cross-device support, with iOS games from Apple and the MacApp Store coming to the platform in the form of apps like Minecraft, The Sims 4, and Super Mario Run.

Unity has also partnered with Apple in a number game titles.

This includes the highly anticipated Minecraft: Story Mode and the upcoming Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. 

Android : The Android version of Unity is dominated by one company, Google.

In terms of mobile games on the platform, Unity has released over 10,000 games and over 700 mobile apps.

Of these, over 7,000 have been made available for Android, while a few are currently available for the Nexus 5.

The company has also developed a series of cross-browser games for Android devices.

The latest release for Android is Minecraft: The Latest Adventures.

The title has a wide range of gameplay features, including a multiplayer mode, a level editor, a crafting system, and a tutorial.

It also includes a free-to-play mode where players can earn cash and in-game currency.

Android also has a dedicated iOS version, which is not only compatible with iOS devices, but also the iPhone.

The Unity app has been ported to iOS in the past, and it offers a lot of additional functionality.

This include a robust in-app store, a dedicated game viewer, an improved navigation bar, and many more. 

iOS and Windows : The iOS and PC versions of The Last of Us, a popular survival horror game, have seen their share of crossplay between the two platforms.

For the latest update, the developers at Naughty Dog worked on a cross-game experience for The Last Of Us on iOS, and on Windows. 

Both platforms also have a dedicated mobile version, and have seen a lot more cross-completions.

The iOS version is currently available to play, with many games being available on iOS as well.

Microsoft is also releasing its own version of The Walking Dead on iOS this year, and The Last Day is coming to Windows 10.

This title is currently in development for Android and the Windows Store. 

Windows 10 : Microsoft’s Windows 10 version of its popular Xbox Live game has seen some cross-buy opportunities, with developers working together to make cross-network experiences available.

The developer of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition has also been working on a number cross-player experiences for the platform. 

Mobile Games on PC and Mac: One of the more successful cross-marketing platforms for mobile games has been cross-publishing.

The likes of Unity, Mojang, and Stardock have all been active in the mobile market.

The developers behind Minecraft: Mac OS X are a great example of a cross platform developer, having developed a number games for MacOS and Windows.

Microsoft’s own version is available for download, with some of the developer’s games also available for iOS.

This platform has seen the release of a number mobile games this year.

Minecraft: Minecraft Edition for iOS has a crossplay option, and is also compatible with iPhone.

Minecraft for Android also includes cross-compatible gameplay, and has also made a cross game for iOS and a cross app for Android. 

Xbox Live and Windows Live : While the cross-media support for Xbox Live and Xbox Live Games have been increasing, the crossplay opportunities for games from Microsoft’s Xbox division are still relatively weak.

For example, in September 2016, Mojangs Minecraft for Xbox Games were unavailable on Xbox Live for some users.

This has been

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