Oculus Rift developers have been hard at work on the VR headset, but it’s a far cry from the futuristic-looking goggles Oculus founder Palmer Luckey used in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Instead of using the Oculus Rift’s motion controllers to simulate movement, Oculus developers have instead developed a new app that lets you see and interact with virtual objects in the world.

Called the Rift Platform, the new application allows you to interact with the world around you using a variety of virtual objects, including furniture, plants, and even the curvature of the Earth itself.

In the video above, the Rift platform allows you a wide variety of interactions with real objects.

The first thing you’ll notice is the “space” feature, which lets you zoom in and out of virtual space with a 3D camera.

This lets you get a feel for how much room there is in the virtual space, and it’s an interesting feature, but also potentially dangerous for people with eye or spinal injuries.

To interact with objects in your environment, you’ll need to be tethered to a computer.

This means the Rift system is incredibly expensive, and you’re likely to spend a lot of money to get the headset.

Oculus has been working on a VR-like headset since 2012, and the Rift is still very much a work in progress.

In 2016, Oculus said it would spend $1 billion on the Oculus Touch headset, which would have been the company’s biggest investment to date.

It was later revealed that Oculus had dropped the headset project after acquiring the Oculus Platform.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said in an interview with Business Insider that the Rift was built with “very little of the traditional Oculus experience” in mind.

Instead, Oculus built the Rift into an app that allows you “to be part of the environment and the world in a very immersive way,” which he called “the first VR experience that truly lets you be a part of it.”

The Oculus Platform is designed to work with Oculus Touch, as well as the Oculus Home headset.

The Rift Platform app is available now on the App Store, and Oculus plans to expand it to include other VR apps over time.

Oculus Rift Platform users can now create and customize virtual objects using a virtual environment like a room, an open field, or a house.

To create an object, you just need to click on it, drag it around, and then drag it back and forth until it’s attached to something in the real world.

The platform has a number of other features to make interacting with objects easier.

The app lets you create a virtual space where you can move, place objects, and zoom in or out.

The developer also lets you select objects, such as plants, trees, and animals, and move them with a mouse or trackpad.

You can even choose objects based on how much space you have available in your room.

To move an object to another location in the same virtual space in a few seconds, you can simply move the cursor around until you find the spot you want to go to.

This makes it possible to get objects to move as you interact with them.

In addition, you get to add a variety a number to objects based off of the physical size of the object.

For example, if you drag an object from the space you created to a different spot in the space, the object will move accordingly.

The company has also added a few new features to the Rift.

In particular, you will now be able to see objects with your left and right eyes at the same time.

This new feature will allow you to “see more objects in VR without having to move your head,” Iribe explained.

This will help you see more details of objects and objects you’re interacting with.

You also can see the distance between objects with the Rift headset on.

This allows you see distance differences in the distance of objects around you, as opposed to a simple dot showing you the distance.

Another new feature that will allow users to interact in VR is the ability to “sense the world through the world.”

This new concept of using your eyes will let you “see where objects are, and what they are doing,” Iriac said.

The ability to sense objects in virtual space will also make it easier to navigate in the game, and will allow for you to track your progress in the VR experience.

It’s also possible to see virtual objects and scenes on your phone, which will be able be used to add or modify features in the Rift app.

Oculus Touch will be the first VR headset to support Oculus Home.

The Oculus Home system lets you add and change the functionality of virtual environments, which means it will be a lot easier to add features like lighting and sound to virtual environments.

To add objects to the virtual world, you need to drag an “Oculus Touch” object around on your screen.

When you’ve added a new object, the Oculus user interface will show you how much the object has moved around

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