By RITA S.S. KEMATI/MUMBAI: With the government’s ban on the use of burning platforms on streets of India, it is a reminder that there is still room for social and political change.

The ban was imposed on the country’s largest cities by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 1, 2016 and the law was passed by Parliament on December 1, which made it mandatory to remove burning platforms from public spaces in all urban areas.

It also comes at a time when the use and proliferation of these platforms has increased dramatically in India, with many people having started burning them in a bid to vent their anger against the government.

The law came into force after the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai banned the use, promotion and maintenance of these burning platforms and set up a committee to monitor and regulate the use.

The government also banned the sale of these platform in the country and made it a crime to use one in public spaces.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the banning of these devices was unconstitutional and has banned the installation of them in public places.

But what does this ban actually mean for people living in cities?

For some, it means that they can use these platforms in public to vent anger against their leaders or politicians, as they are not allowed to stand on them for more than a few minutes.

For others, it will allow them to burn whatever they want in public, with the intention of showing their anger towards the ruling party or the government, said M.K. Joshi, professor at the School of Social Sciences at Delhi University.

For a social scientist like Joshi to argue that this ban will reduce the social and electoral potential of these communities, he said, is a fallacy.

“This ban will have no real effect.

If anything, it’ll only encourage the growth of these radical political parties and ideologies.

But it will not affect their ability to garner support in a democracy,” said Joshi.

The burning platform ban has given rise to a new political party called the National People’s Congress Party (NPCP), which is set to form the next government.

But the BJP has also launched a campaign to get rid of these political parties.

The Congress Party has said it will work with all political parties to ensure that the law is enforced, said a party spokesperson.

However, some say that this law has been an insult to the poor.

As an urban Indian, I have lived in Delhi for almost 20 years and I can say that many people have a right to free speech, said K.V. Ramachandran, former professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

“The burning platforms ban is a slap in the face to the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society.

The government has allowed these people to vent the anger they feel against the ruling parties.

They are also angry at the government for failing to make it easier for them to live their lives in peace.

The BJP has to make an effort to create a sense of common purpose and a better future for these communities,” he said.

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