The app harvest platform, which uses technology to track farmers’ crops, is building a platform that farmers can use to harvest crops from their gardens.

The app, called Harvesting, is available for iOS and Android and allows farmers to record and track the crops they harvest.

The platform’s developer, Jason Kopp, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin’s Culinary Arts program and is a former staff member at the University Farmers Market.

According to Kopp’s blog post, Harvesting was originally launched as a beta program for the Culinary Center, but it has since been expanded to allow farmers to harvest a wide range of crops.

The company’s developers are looking for developers to help grow the app, Kopp said in a phone interview.

Harvesting is part of a wave of agricultural apps that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help farmers harvest their crops.

Kopp has worked with a number of companies that have built artificial intelligence-powered apps.

For example, the app Harvesting allows farmers in New York City to track their crops in real-time and use the app to estimate how much of each crop they will need to sell to make ends meet.

Harvestable is one of those apps.

The application lets farmers know what the market is looking for in a particular area and then allows them to see their crop inventory and prices in real time.

The team at Harvestable, Kapp said, is looking to partner with a “few different vendors” to build the app.

For now, the company is building its app with a team of 10 people in Austin, Texas, and a few other companies in the Austin area.

Kapp says he is looking at partnerships with other farmers as well, including some who are currently in New Jersey.

Koff said Harvesting will also partner with other companies to provide “in-house data collection and analytics services.”

Kopp will have a team working on the app in Austin.

The App Developer Alliance, an industry trade group that includes several of the major technology companies, said in February that it is looking into building tools for farmers to use Harvestable and other tools for the app’s developers to build other apps.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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